Creek Independent Living for the mentally ill

Creek Independent Living is a private home which provides supportive living for residents with mental health needs in Houston This is an ideal housing model for mentally ill individuals wanting independent living. This home is nestled in the beautiful neighborhood of Spring Branch, Houston, TX 77055. Residents in this home have demonstrated the ability to self-manage their medications, prepare their meals, maintain employment and live independently and productive. This home is Co-op style / shared living where each resident has a private bedroom and they share common areas such as the kitchen, and exterior amenities.

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Evergreen Housing Initiative

The Evergreen's Behavioral Health Community for the mentally ill sits on the banks of the creek which separates Spring Valley from Timber Creek in Houston, TX . The residents of this apartment-style community have demonstrated the ability to live without 24-hour supervision. These residents have made great strides in overcoming their mental illness but still require minimal assistance planning their meals and managing their medications are properly.

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We have the best independent housing options for the mentally ill.

Advanced Personal Care, at Hamlin House

Hamlin House Assisted Living is licensed by the Texas Department of Aging and Disabilities Services and the City of Houston's Department of Mental Health to provide supported housing for adults of all ages who have a chronic mental illness or other disability that would necessitate living in a safe and supported environment. Hamlin House Assisted Living Home is nestled in the established neighborhood of Ponderosa Forest Subdivision.

Residents in this cozy home receive 24 hour assistance and  supervision. Our residents are still encouraged to strive towards meaningful activities .  The services provided included medication management, meal preparation, bathing and grooming. Bedrooms are private or semi-private.

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